Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Favorite Artists: Marisol Escobar

This beautiful artist born in Paris, with a South American background. Born: 1930


  1. Lovely work makes me smile to see! :O)

  2. That's a lovely picture of Marisol, but if she was born in 1930 she would be pretty wrinkly by now.
    I would love to try something in wood and paint like that.
    Hi, Mary!

  3. Hi Janet,
    I think she is very beautiful indeed. You got me to wonder how she may look now. Wrinkles, do you think one day they may do away with them???
    I found this not as young but she still has her dark hair and confident gaze.
    and her Time magazine covers which I like all of them are linked here:
    Really very compelling work. I hadn't know of her.

  4. Thanks for the links...She lives in Tri-Beca now. Here she is one of my favs and I didn't even know she did Time covers.

    I'm wrinkled all over. Need to pull the skin up on top of my head and tie a bow around it, then photograph it and use it for a new avatar lol

  5. lol, your making me laugh.......
    now my doctor, he recommend lotion with Q10, nivea or eucerin you can buy at the drug store. I've been using it on my arms and I believe it is making, (don't tell anyone) hair grow, lol. I'm all but ready to rub it on the top of my head.

    Glad you enjoyed seeing the Time covers. You should sell some of your art for magazine covers. Apples don't fall from the tree.