Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Artists: Mary Frank 1933-

A beautiful sculptor. painter and printer.


  1. I have a terrible time getting the text right. The first image is a monoprint, the second a ceramic and the third is in papier mache.

  2. I didn't know her. I read this on npr: For Frank, art has myriad functions:

    "To comfort the dead, awaken the living, to know the migration seasons of birds and fish, to know the human immigrations of the past and right now," she says. "To be able to use experiences and transform them ... to make the eyes of children widen, to give courage, and never be afraid of tenderness or the absurd and to gather joy."

    Interesting artist Janet.

  3. She did the most beautiful terra cotta sculptures and monoprints. I believe that all she does now is paint. The sculptures must have been a tremendous amount of work. Can you imagine putting a large face or arm in the kiln and then have it shatter. OMG!